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High quality booklets with clear Gospel message including Jesus Christ is God, Rapture Tract, Life after Death, Designed or not Designed and more...

Bike Tract - 8p

This tract is predominately for ‘bikers’ and yet it has been used among young folks too as it has a very attractive cover showing the fastest motor bike ever produced, the Suzuki ‘Hayabusa’. It has been one of the most popular tracts we have ever produced.

Designed or not designed? - 8p

This short and punchy NEW booklet is aimed to counteract the foolishness of evolution taught across our land today...
Question – Was the cardboard box on the front cover designed and created or did it happen by chance over billions of years?
Question – Did all this complexity just happen by chance over billions of years or was the human body designed and created?

Is there 'Life' AFTER death? - 10p

This booklet aims to answer one of the most asked frequently asked questions... "Is there life after death?", focusing on the reality of Heaven and Hell backed up by Scripture!
This is our fastest selling tract EVER - why not give one to unsaved family members or even tract your street?

It's Your Choice - 17p

This 16-page booklet is totally anti-Calvinistic & shows the way of salvation very clearly. You & I have a FREE WILL to ‘choose’ no matter what you have been told. One Christian ordered 6,000 to distribute to all the houses in his village & surrounding area. It is a booklet that ‘pulls-no-punches’ & tells you about sin, Hell, Heaven, judgment & what you must do to get saved!

Jesus Christ IS God - 30p

This booklet proves conclusively from the Scriptures that Jesus Christ IS God. It is a great tool to counteract the erroneous teachings of all the false cults and religions.

British Church Newspaper (Friday February 24th 2012 (No 227) edition) states...
"This booklet sets out to show from Scripture that Jesus Christ is God. Starting with 1 John 5v7 the author makes the case in detail & very effectively. He includes not only statements that assert or inescapably impl...

Life then Eternity - NO LONGER IN PRINT

This booklet is all about LIFE! It deals with the time we spend on earth & what we do with our time. It talks about love, money, family life & death! It has a section on evolution proving what a LIE this ‘theory’ is. It also talks about the judgment of God & His return. On page 12 it breaks down what a Christian actually is! It plainly shows the way of salvation!

Rapture Tract - 9p

This tract is about the Rapture! It is to be used up until the Rapture but it can also be used AFTER the Rapture, speaking to those who have rejected the Lord Jesus Christ in this dispensation who are left to go through the Tribulation! This tract ought to be given out to EVERY SINGLE person you know, especially your family members!

The End - 12p

Brand New booklet aimed at those in the final stages of life or going through the trials of old age.
Distribute this to elderly family members before it is too late!

What is the meaning and purpose of life? - 9p

This is the third and final booklet in the trilogy which aims to answer one of the deepest questions we can ever ask ourselves.
So many people are searching for the meaning of life and unfortunately few find it.

Where are they now? - 8p

All the people on the front cover have influenced millions all around the world in some way, whether good or bad!
...Where are they now?
...Where will you be?

Who's your favourite superhero - 8p

After being asked many times in the past we have finally produced a tract specifically for children.
This still has a straightforward Gospel message targeted at the young.

You Asked The Question! - NO LONGER IN PRINT

This booklet is aimed at those who are seeking answers to questions such as…
‘What is the meaning of life?’
‘How do I know God exists?’
‘Where do we go when we die?’
‘Why is Christianity the only way…?’
‘How can God forgive me when I’ve been so wicked?’
We have had many testimonies back regarding this booklet & over 50,000 have been distributed so far, throughout the world.