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Short straightforward Gospel tracts - Who Cares, Why is our country in such a mess, The Son I Never was and Does Anyone Really Care.

Does anyone really care? - 3p

Have you ever felt unloved, lonely, as if no one cares or understands? This tract is aimed at those who are having hard times & don’t know which way to turn!

The son I never was... - 3p

My own personal testimony! Some of you may have been let down by your own family – this tract may help you and others who similarly struggle with this.

Who Cares? - 3p

We all go through the same feelings & emotions in life; we’ve all said things like…
‘I feel like giving up!’
‘I’m struggling in life!’
‘I don’t know which way to turn!’
‘I need a friend!’
‘Nobody loves me!’
‘I can’t stop what I’m doing!’
‘Is there something better than this?’
‘I’m carrying so much guilt!’
‘I’m living a lie!’
This tract is good distributing to the ma...

Why is our country in such a mess - 3p

Straight down the line, this tract tells you why the UK is really in a mess – it is because we have departed from the word of God & no longer teach it to our children or live by it ourselves! It is a great tract to post through letterboxes!