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    Romans 10v9+10+13 - 'That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.'


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     Study 18: Galatians 5v16-21
    1. The 'Flesh vs Spirit' - it's a constant battle 24/7. 2. What kind of Christian are you? 3. Do you live for the Lord or are you just a nominal Christian? 4. Emulations and Heresies! 5. Will you have an inheritance in the Millennium?
     The Fundamentals of the faith!
    1. Doctrine vs Doctrines! 2. Why don't Christians agree on doctrine? 3. Give examples of doctrines that Christians disagree on? 4. Give me a doctrine that you are personally passionate about? 5. What are YOUR fundamentals of the faith?
     Study 17: Galatians 5v6-15
    1. You're either IN Christ or you're outside of Christ. 2. The Law and works has NOTHING to do with your Salvation or Justification. 3. The Galatians were running well until some 'legalizer' came in. 4. Watch our for false doctrine. 5. You need to 'cut some people OFF.' 6. Don't bite and devour one another, love one another.
     Walking through Luke 23 & 24
    1. The world is united against the Lord Jesus Christ! 2. It is your will that decides to accept or reject the Saviour! 3. Change one word in the KJV Bible you'll lose the thread! 4. We meet on Sunday because... DUPE got DUPED! 5. The greatest verse in the NT? 6. Your resurrected body will be able to do the following...
     What is important in life?
    What pitfalls and warnings do you have to watch out for in life? What do you have to watch out for in your Christian life? Do you care for others? How much?
     Study 19: Revelation 6v1-2
    1. The Lord starts to open up the seals. 2. Who is the rider on the white horse in Rev 6. 3. Who is the rider on the white horse in Rev 19. 4. Is Jesus King now. Is the Church ushering in the Kingdom. 5. Satan tries to counterfeit everything Jesus is and does. 6. The sign of the bowman and 'two fingers.' 7. Watch out for that letter 'X.' 8. Satanic 'trinity.' Summary of the Anti-Christ.
     Study 16: Galatians 4v21 - 5v5
    1. This is quite a heavy going study! 2. The parallels and allegories but what does it all mean? 3. IN Christ you have liberty! 4. The bondage of The Law! 5. Works has NOTHING to do with your salvation or 'keeping you saved!' 6. Falling from grace in v4 is NOT losing your salvation!
     Dr. Peter S. Ruckman
    November 19th 1921 - April 21st 2016. Saved March 14th 1949. A tribute to the Best Bible teacher this world has ever known.
     Study 15: Galatians 4v14-20
    1. Paul's thorn in the flesh! 2. Who is the angel of God! 3. 'Zealots' for what - 'good and bad!' 4. Growing up into a mature Christian! 5. I'm not your enemy because I tell you the truth!
     Psalm 49
    1. Another PROOF that the Post-Tribbers are HERETICS! 2. A walk through the first 11 verses of Psalm 49. 3. Written to the World! 4. The heart and mouth connection! 5. The problem of trusting in wealth! 6. Redemption!
     Study 14: Galatians 4v6-13
    1. We've been adopted into a NEW family! 2. We no longer serve 'idols' or do we? 3. Christians who try to get you under the bondage of the Law! 4. What day is holy to you? 5. Paul was the same as us!
     Thank you Lord!
    1. What do you thank the Lord for? 2. Here are a few things that I thank the Lord Jesus Christ for in my life! 3. Living a life of thankfulness to the Lord... do we?
     TfT Ministry Day CD 6
    Rudi Hemmer (Germany)
     TfT Ministry Day CD 5
    The Empty Tomb
     TfT Ministry Day CD 4
    Understanding the Scriptures
     TfT Ministry Day CD 3
    The Lord the unknown Warrior
     TfT Ministry Day CD 2
    Psalm 102
     TfT Ministry Day CD 1
    Introduction and Welcome!
     1 Kings 19, 1 Kings 21, 2 Kings 9
    1. Ahab & Jezebel - wicked people! 2. The hatred towards God, His word & His prophets! 3. Be careful if things are going well for you! 4. Elijah a man of God who got scared! 5. Envy & Jealousy! 6. If you were 'taken,' who would replace you? 7. What work are you doing for the Lord?
     Matthew chapters 26, 27 & 28
    Walking through these chapters... 1. We see how vile & depraved man really is! 2. We see how wonderful, pure & perfect the Lord Jesus Christ is! 3. We see the hatred sinners have for the Lord! 4. We also see the great love the Saviour has for us, & what it cost Him to save us! 5. No one will ever love you like the Lord! 6. If these passages of Scripture do not move you to love & serve the Saviour in a better & deeper way, nothing will!


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