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Why I think Eli-Colic-Caldwell is the dumbest jackass I’ve come across thus far!

(Issue 79 page 9)

According to punk-Eli-Colic-Caldwell, Ruckman isn’t saved!!!  Can you believe that!  Of course he won’t ‘advertise’ it, because he’d get ‘slaughtered’, he hasn’t the guts, but that is exactly what he believes if he was honest enough to tell you!  This is the type of idiot the Hyper-Diaper-grace-church-CULT produces!  You’re going to read a lot about this punk-kid in this issue of TfT! NEWS as I stated previously, because I want to show you what idiots the Hyper-Dispensationalist-Mid-Acts bunch of HERETICS are!  First I want to thank the Lord Jesus Christ that there are very few of them in the world, & they are declining!  They are a very small CULT, & if you know of anyone who is influenced by them, just send them the link to the tab on the TfT! website… http://www.timefortruth.co.uk/errors-of-hyperdispensationalism/ that will sink them every time, as none of them can refute what has been stated there!  Now back to the punk-kid-Eli who believes that Ruckman isn’t saved!  I have just watched the funeral service of Peter Ruckman, which I thought was absolutely superb!  Brian Donovan did an excellent job & the whole service was wonderful.  It showed you many clips of Ruckman, & included him telling you how he got saved, what he ‘prayed’, & how he ‘called upon the name of the Lord!’  But of course, punk-Kid-Eli from IDIOTVILLE, (or is it STUPIDSVILLE?), believes that Peter Ruckman isn’t saved because he prayed & asked Jesus Christ to save him, & that is a work!  I honestly, hand on heart, don’t know of a bigger cretin than this punk-kid-Eli & his bunch of looney-tune HERETICS!  He & his bunch of charlatans are a curse on the Body of Christ (even though they don’t know what the Body of Christ is, or ‘when’ it started!)  Very soon this CULT will die out, as none of them believe in soul-winning, tracting, street-preaching, or reaching the lost souls of this world with the Gospel (probably because they don’t know what the Gospel is!)  I said at the time of Ruckman’s death there would be ‘snakes in the grass’ attacking him, but the Hyper-Diaper’s go even further, they attack everyone who has ever asked Jesus Christ to save them!  That’s all they do, attack Christians telling them that they’re NOT saved!  All baby-Eli does is LIE, distort & pervert the truth!  None of the Hyper-Diapers are King James Bible Believing Christians BECAUSE THEY DON’T DO WHAT ‘THE BOOK’ TELLS THEM TO DO i.e. reach sinners for Jesus Christ!  All they do is sit behind computer screens all day, taking pot-shots at Christians, telling them they aren’t saved because they ‘prayed’ asking Jesus Christ to save them!  Once that argument disintegrates, they move on to their next HERESY telling you that the church started with the apostle Paul, I mean these are NUTS man, N.U.T.S.!!!  Once that HERESY has disintegrated, they then say that you shouldn’t have been baptised because baptism isn’t for today!  That’s it, that’s their calling in life, nothing else!  Who do they win over?  NO ONE except a few CULT family members!  Boy is the Lord Jesus Christ going to give Colic-Caldwell & his bunch of HERETICS (all 12 plus his CULT ‘grace’-church – which incidentally has recently changed its name… I wonder why!!!  You know, I know, they know & the Lord knows!) a whipping!  Baby-Eli is the most arrogant immature jackass I’ve ever come across, & the most-shallow.  He’s so confused in his doctrines of DEVILS that he quotes from sources that also destroy his own heretical beliefs e.g. ‘Breaker!’  (Read more later on!)  No matter what Eli thinks about Ruckman NOT being saved because he ‘prayed & called upon the Lord’, know this, Peter Ruckman was, (& still is, through his books!) the greatest Bible teacher & preacher that this world has ever known!  Here at TfT! we hope that idiot-Eli will come to his senses & understand the Gospel & get saved before the Rapture.  He certainly ought to shut his big mouth & do something with his life, rather than keep attacking other Christians.  If not, I fear the Lord will deal with him severely!  (Heb 12!!!)  A couple of you recently told me that you also had correspondence with him, & think he is as screwed up as you can get, you’re right!  Just cut him off, block him & pray for him!  Hopefully as he matures he will come to his senses… we hope!?  I bet there isn’t a sinner in his home town that has been challenged with the Gospel by Colic-Caldwell!  What a testimony!  Now look at the photos on this page regarding Ruckman winning souls for Jesus Christ!  You won’t find a Hyper-Diaper doing that, they’d mess their nappies just like baby-Eli does!  Now look right at the photo of all the books that Ruckman wrote!  This is the man that prayed to the Lord Jesus Christ to get saved, the man who called upon the name of the Lord to save him from his sins!  Quite a different testimony don’t you think to the punk-kid-Eli’s!!!  You won’t find a Hyper-Diaper achieving anything like what you are seeing here!  They have nothing to offer, nothing to give, & the Lord just passes them by, as they are totally useless!  Having 12 people follow your heretical baby-blog is not doing the will of the Lord shall we say!  Just another WASTED life!  Well enjoy this issue of TfT! NEWS as we enjoy taking apart ‘again’ the punk-kid from the USA!  He loves me so much (!!!) he’s even created a tab for me on his baby-blog, JUST FOR ME!  He won’t create one attacking the cults, or one on evangelism, he’s produced one just for little old me, isn’t he a little beauty!  Do you know why?  Because he can’t get a following, neither a crowd, as no one listens to him, & he hates it, so what he does is jump on my ‘coat-tails’ hoping that someone somewhere will listen to him.  James White did this with Ruckman, Baby-Eli is doing this with me!  No dice fella, we can all see straight through your CULT teaching, I’m afraid you’re going to have to get a job & earn a living son, as no one will ever support you doing NOTHING for the Lord!  So this will probably be my last destructive blow at the Hyper-Diapers, as we’ve given you enough ammo on the Hyper-Diaper-Tab on the TfT! website to DESTROY every single one of them!  Colic-Caldwell, like Steven AnderSNAKE are just useless people in life, wasting oxygen, with all their shouting & bawling!  They are spiritual children who never grow up… take no notice of these baby attention seekers, soon they’ll be gone! 


Thinking you’re important!   (Issue 79 page 11)

For if a man think himself to be something, when he is nothing, he deceiveth himself. Gal 6v3.  (Read also 1 Cor 8v1-3, Rom 12v3, Acts 5v36, 1Cor 4v6 (Luke 6v26) Prov20v6)  There are many Christians who are deceiving themselves!  They think that because they have a YouTube channel (or a baby-blog) & gain 300+, or in Eli’s case only ‘12’ followers, (out of SEVEN BILLION that’s 7,000,000,000 people), that they are some sort of authority on the Bible.  Many Christians just sit in front of their little cameras, that’s all they do, spouting off why they are right & everyone else in the world is wrong.  Some (e.g. ‘Baby-Ed-Pfenny’) even buy all of Ruckman’s books & then try to get a following, hanging on to the tailcoat of Ruckman, by pointing out where Ruckman was wrong on something!  I mean these boys are the lowest of the low, but these heretics seem to get some sort of ‘egotistical-high’ out of it I guess!  They think they are important & everyone should listen to them!  To be brutally honest, they are just failures in life, & in God’s eyes!  People like Ed-Pfenny, Punk-Eli, Richling, to name just three failures, achieve nothing for the Lord, nothing in life, they just get ‘hated’, mocked & ridiculed, yet they still pursue their failed path in life & will find out in the end, that they never achieved anything FOR THE LORD!  To think of it, everything they have done will be BURNT UP at the Judgment Seat of Christ (if they make it!), yet because of their arrogance & pride, they continue on their self-deluded path of attacking everyone they can!  I don’t think I know of another three more inept bunch of time-wasting-self-deluded MORONS than Eli-Colic-Caldwell, Baby-Ed-Pfenny & Richling-the-ding-a-ling!  They haven’t an ounce of common sense, discernment, love for the lost or Christ-like quality between them.  They spew out their doctrines of devils, & with the few, even ‘sadder’ followers, they seem to think that this is their calling in life!  I don’t know of one single person that has benefited from any of them, who has been a normal Bible Believing Christian.  The only people who follow these clowns are the socially awkward & mentally unstable.  I can’t take any of them seriously, & on the very occasional time I have read or watched them, I just think to myself, Lord, these poor deluded fools are in for the shock of their lives when they stand before you!  It also makes me think that getting the Gospel out to the lost sinners of this world, is something that the majority of Christians really aren’t concerned about, & with these three punks, the last thing on their mind is to try to save a soul from Hell!  If you live on YouTube, or reading ‘blogs’, you really are a sad person, who needs to get a life!  There is nothing worse than wasting your time arguing with a CULT member, whether it be the JW’s, Mormons, Seventh Day Adventists, Hyper-Dispensationalists (aka Hyper-Diapers as they are all babies!) Christadelphians, Calvinists etc.  ALL of the above are workers of Satan, & all will WASTE YOUR TIME!  Just DUMP the lot of them & start living for the Lord Jesus Christ!  Now go & try to win some souls for the Lord Jesus Christ!  Oh, & by the way… yes you can use the word REPENTANCE in your Gospel presentation!  It’s NOT a work, just like PRAYER is NOT a work & by telling someone to ‘repent, call upon, confess, pray to,’ is just fine & dandy fellas!  It’s only the Hypers like IDIOT-Eli, MORON-Pfenny & HERETIC-Richling who say it’s wrong to… & folks, they couldn’t find a ‘bowling ball in a bath tub’ as Ruckman says!  When it comes to RIGHTLY dividing the word of truth, they only just manage to see the difference from the OT cf. to the NT!  Anything other than that, is too much for these novices!  Like I keep saying, next time you come in contact with a ‘Hyper-Diaper’ just ask them one question… ‘How many souls have you led to the Lord Jesus Christ in your life?’  Then once they have spluttered & stammered all over the road, send them the TfT! link to their CULT teachings & THEN BLOCK THEM on your email list!  (http://www.timefortruth.co.uk/errors-of-hyperdispensationalism/)  I’m sorry that this issue of TfT! NEWS has focused a lot on this CULT, but it all needed to be said, all of which shall be added to the ERRORS tab for reference!  I think if I took on Eli, Pfenny & Richling (throw in AnderSNAKE also!) at boxing, I’d be called the ‘White Destroyer!’  Oh, by the way, did you know the ‘Black Destroyer’ has got saved… by calling upon the name of the Lord!  The three punks won’t get that by the way!  I hope you enjoy the rest of this issue of me ‘destroying’ the Hypers!


Eli-Colic-Caldwell still in diapers!  Why hasn’t he grown out of them by now?  Simple – Immaturity, Pride / Arrogance! (Issue 79 pages 16-17)

This poor little brat makes so many doctrinal errors, it would take a full volume of ‘The Ministry Years’ to address all his heresies!  But his MAIN HERSEY is ‘The Gospel!’  Now this little punk doesn’t know what the Gospel is, so does that mean he isn’t saved?  You tell me!  He thinks I’m not saved, bless him, & he continues to waste all his time writing about me on his little ‘bloggy!’  Now not only is he an arrogant moron who cannot rightly divide the Scriptures (due to a lack of teaching from his parents & CULT church!) but he just doesn’t listen.  He has some of Ruckman’s books (yet he thinks Ruckman isn’t saved!?), but I think they are too heavy for him, as he just doesn’t get the simple Gospel!  I think his mentor must be Richling-the-ding-a-ling, because they both think that by ‘asking’ God to save you means that God will NOT save you because by asking, it is a ‘work!’  Now this little-punk-kid is such a deluded little fellow that it is beyond belief!  Richling says the same thing!  So they BOTH preach ANOTHER Gospel which of course is accursed!  (Gal 1v8+9)  Baby-Eli’s church preaches ANOTHER Gospel, so is the brat saved?  You tell me!  According to baby-Eli, IF you ask the Lord Jesus Christ to save you He WON’T!!!  I kid you not brothers & sisters, this is what the punk teaches!  This is why I must expose the little moron for who he is & the FALSE teaching he spews out of his big arrogant unteachable mouth!  Punks like this need a good whipping, it will help THEM in the future, even though they don’t like it!  (Heb 12v5-11)  I just hope all 12 of his little followers, will now start seeing through his ERRORS & HERESIES & come off his mailing list, including his own family members!  He is doing nothing with his life except writing about me it seems, the poor baby!  It’s a shame he doesn’t read & study his Bible rather than follow his CULT heroes like Stammering-Stammite-Stam, Richling, Moron-Moore et al.  Baby-Eli is NOT getting any better, only worse I’m afraid!  He is a joke to us Bible Believers, but I must respond to his shallow doctrines of Devils (1 Tim 4v1) in the hope that his 12 little followers will ‘see the light’ shall we say!  The little-brat doesn’t believe that John Wesley, Peter Ruckman, Sam Gipp, McCheyne, Larkin, Billy Sunday, plus a million other Christians are saved!!!  Why?  Because they ALL ‘asked’ Jesus Christ to save them, & baby-Eli believes that this is a ‘work!’  How dumb can you get?  Now let’s try to get the little fellow saved shall we?  Here goes… Now baby-Eli, as you read this next section (because he DOES read all our material bless him!  He keeps coming back to the TfT! website on regular visits!  I checked again today, & there he was on our site!!!) ask the Lord Jesus Christ (He is the Saviour!) to open your tiny little mind to understand what you are reading, ok?  Now the moment you put your faith & trust in Jesus Christ for your sins forgiven, (2 Cor 5v21) you are eternally saved (John 3v16) & placed INTO the Body of Christ, which is the church. (1 Cor 12v13)  Can you handle that fella?  Not too deep for you baby?  Now by calling upon the Lord (Rom 10v13 For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.) in ANY dispensation, God will hear your call, ‘cry, prayer’ & He knows your heart, thoughts & motive, & He will respond by saving you, IF, (Rom 10v9+10 – it’s all about the heart!  Rom 6v17, Acts 8v22, Mat 13v15) you really desire to be saved, knowing that you are a sinner on the road to HELL!  (Note I didn’t say that salvation was the same in every dispensation, he blatantly lied about that previously, but that is no surprise because he blatantly lies about many things & many people including Ruckman et al.)  Listen up baby Eli, here we go again… His Blood (That’s Jesus’ Blood), baby-Eli, is what washes you from all your naughty-little-sins, (plus all your ‘big-bad-sins’ Eli!) & He justifies you through it (Rom 5v9), by faith (Rom 5v1).  Are you still with me baby-Eli?  WORKS has NOTHING to do with getting saved!  Read Eph 2v8+9, Titus 3v5, 2 Tim 1v9, Gal 3v21-29, Gal 5v4 etc.  Let’s now show you what a dodo Punk-Eli aka… ‘Colic-Caldwell’ is..  (This small illustration will show you how SATANIC Eli-Colic-Caldwell is regarding his heresies, as he would have children at the age of accountability IN HELL!!!)

Example – Do you think that a boy of 7-10 years of age, who realises he is a sinner, & knows that he will go to Hell when he dies if he doesn’t have his sins forgiven, who ‘asks’ the Lord Jesus Christ to save him, will be saved?  That punk-kid-Eli says God won’t save him because he asked to be ‘saved’ & ‘asking’ is a work!  Think of the millions of children all over the world who have come through Sunday school (something else also not taught in Scripture), yet got saved by asking the Lord Jesus Christ to save them!  According to punk-Eli, they will all go to Hell, because if you ask God to save you He won’t because ‘asking’ is a work!  Perhaps Colic-Caldwell is a closet Calvinist?  Interesting!  (I think he’s so mixed up he doesn’t know what he is!  The few I’ve spoke to about this kid think he’s an absolute MORON!  Amen & AMEN!)

Now I kid you not ladies & gentleman, this is the mentality of the brat-kid, & the product of a CULT!  Punk-baby-Eli is a lost sinner (it seems) who doesn’t know what the Gospel is… that is why HE DOESN’T PREACH THE GOSPEL OR GIVE OUT GOSPEL TRACTS!  (ASK HIM!)  He preaches ANOTHER Gospel, not the one Paul preached, & therefore his ‘gospel’ is ACCURSED!  Baby-Eli’s (aka ‘Colic-Caldwell’) baby-blog written to his family members & his other 12 baby-CULT disciples, states that he agrees with me 95% of the time!  Folks, I doubt I agree with him on 10%, as he doesn’t know what the Gospel is, he can’t rightly divide the Scriptures, he doesn’t understand baptism & the seven different ones mentioned in the Bible, he doesn’t understand the difference in the Kingdoms, & he doesn’t believe, preach or teach what the apostle Paul does!  How can I agree with such a moron?  You tell me!  The best thing the punk-kid could do, would be to remove himself from off the Internet & get a job …maybe shoe shinning!?   (Can he sing?  If so this will help him!)  His aspiration of attaining to Hoss Cartwright as a man, is laughable!  He thinks THE most important doctrine in all of Scripture is ‘when the body of Christ’ began, (because even after personal tragedy in his life, that’s all he wants to talk about!!!) & he doesn’t even understand WHAT the Body of Christ IS neither when it started!!!  Colic-Caldwell thinks the Lord has THREE ‘bodies!!!’  (He reminds me of Benny Hinn!)  I repeat again to the few folks who are on this kids mailing list, delete him forever, as he is just a waste of valuable time, & is so screwed up in his doctrine, they’ll need a corkscrew to bury the poor fella!  HAS ANYONE ASKED THE PUNK HOW MANY SOULS HE HAS LED TO THE LORD, OR HOW MANY TRACTS HE HAS GIVEN OUT LATELY?  He hasn’t!  The brat is in for a right caning when he stands before the Lord Jesus Christ!  He thinks that only him, his mentor Richling, & their little CULT, are the ONLY ones saved in all the world, because they never ‘asked’ to be saved!  WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME BABY-ELI WROTE AN ARTICLE ON OUTREACH, OR WINNING SOULS, OR TRACTING?  Ever see one on Colic-Caldwell’s’ baby-blog?  Neither has anyone!!!  You know, he knows, the Lord knows & I know…!  To sum up, Baby-Eli is a blatant LIAR!  (like Jacob Prasch, James White etc.)  He writes things about many people that are untrue!  (Like Jacob Prasch!)  He lies, he misquotes, & he takes things out of context, (he does this with Ruckman’s work too!) he is a young-arrogant-brat that cannot be trusted, so whatever you do, DON’T BELIEVE or TRUST the punk!  He is nothing like a Christian (I really do doubt he is one to be honest! Mat 7v15), especially one who declares to follow the apostle Paul!  Paul would disown him!  Now as I state all through our ministry, you’re saved by grace through faith; ‘works’ has NOTHING to do with your salvation!  ‘Prayer’ does NOT save you, but if you ASK God to save you i.e. via PRAYER… HE WILL!  You’re a total IDIOT / MORON if you deny that!  Punk-Eli is a TOTAL IDIOT & MORON as you all can see!  A dumber cretin you won’t find walking the sod!  Romans teaches us that we are saved by grace plus NOTHING & Galatians teaches us that we stay saved by grace plus NOTHING!  Baby-Eli still thinks Acts 2v38 is today’s Gospel the poor kid, when it has NOTHING to do with Paul’s Gospel! Paul wasn’t even saved then!  He hasn’t just got his wires crossed, his brain got scrambled somewhere along the way by the CULT that he is in!  He’s the most mixed up kid you’ll ever come across on the Internet!  I feel sorry for him in a way, (mentally unstable???) but because of PRIDE, he will not… …come out from among them, (Hyper-Diaper-CULT) and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing… he needs to COME OUT of the CULT that he is in!  (2 Cor 6v17).  I had to laugh because the punk-kid quotes ‘Breaker’ as a good preacher (& he is!), but Breaker DESTROYS Hyper-Diapers in his sermons, that’s how mixed up the kid is, he doesn’t know what or WHO to quote or where to turn, he just grasps at anything, while messing his nappy again!  Dump him today & block him!  (It really is quite apt that his favourite hero is Hoss Cartwright (see photos throughout this newsletter!) whose real name is Dan Blocker!!!)  Maybe as he grows up, even humbles himself (???), he’ll start reading the Ruckman books he has, as they will straighten him out for sure… but then he’ll have to leave his CULT – oh dear Colic-Caldwell, oh dear, oh dear, oh dear!!!  Time for bed precious!  Mummy’s calling & has a nice warm glass of milk for you darling!

(See previous issue (78) for other articles exposing Colic-Caldwell the kid who won’t grow out of diapers, or see the Hyper-Diaper tab (ERRORS of Hyper-Dispensationalism) on the TfT! website!)

It is also worth noting here that Colic-Caldwell is a little disciple of Steve AnderSNAKE, makes you wonder doesn’t it!  Anyone who follows this deluded idiot is bound to get screwed up!  I think Colic-Caldwell needs to dump his two idols Richling & AnderSNAKE like ‘yesterday’, don’t you?  Hyper’s like Colic-Caldwell always quote lots of Scripture OUT OF CONTEXT to try to prove their heresies, Ruckman noted that years ago when dealing with EC Moore!  They WRONGLY divide the Scriptures all the time!  You will also notice again, that poor old Eli-Baby never talks about witnessing, preaching the Gospel (although he still doesn’t know ‘which one’ to preach), & passing out tracts in any of his articles!!!  Try finding an article on reaching lost sinners on his baby-blog!  He keeps visiting Time for Truth! though, which is good, as at least he’s getting some spiritual food, & hopefully, as time goes by, he’ll even learn how to RIGHTLY divide the Scriptures… then he can explain to his CULT & his CULT family the way to get saved & when the Body of Christ started!  Pray for the kid, that he’ll lay aside his arrogance, submit to the Scriptures, rather than Richling, AnderSNAKE & Stam among other heretics!   He made me laugh out loud with one comment he made trying to justify his manhood, ‘Colic’ writes… ‘I like guns, knives, tomahawks, western stuff, weight lifting, hunting, fishing, and other "red neck" type hobbies’… (Boy can he ‘talk it’, makes you feel like a man doesn’t it Eli-baby!)   What he failed to tell you was that the guns & knives are plastic, as his mummy won’t let him have real ones!!!  (His cowboy dolly is pictured here!)  Did you also notice that tracting, street preaching & soul winning were NOT on his list!  Think of all the time he wastes with his ‘guns, knives, tomahawks, western stuff, weight lifting, hunting, fishing & other ‘red-neck’ stuff’, when he could be reaching souls for the Lord Jesus Christ!  What a shallow life this punk leads & what time he wastes!  (Eph 5v16).  Where are the MEN these days?  Is this the best his CULT can produce?  156,000+ souls going to Hell daily, & Colic-Caldwell couldn’t care less… he’d rather be playing with his… ‘plastic guns, knives, tomahawks, western stuff, weight lifting, hunting, fishing tackle!’  Boy is he in for a rough ride when he meets the Lord!  I wouldn’t like to be in his cowboy boots I can tell you that!

One last thing I must mention regarding Colic-Caldwell & his shallow understanding of Scripture, is that he doesn’t understand what ‘dual application’ means, especially when dealing with Rom 10; I thought all ‘dispensationalists’ understood that… he must have missed that class!  He believes what his teacher Richling believes regarding Rom 10, say no more!  Is Richling Eli’s new pastor I wonder?  Colic-Caldwell is a blatant LIAR who misrepresents people, LIES about them, & is a very shallow student of the Bible.  Do yourself a favour & DUMP HIM & his CULT, he’s not worth corresponding with because he doesn’t listen, & for some reason can’t understand even the simple things in the Scriptures, like the Gospel!  Poor kid!  Adios Amigo!

A man that is an heretick (‘baby’-Eli) after the first and second admonition reject;

We shall be finally ‘putting to bed’ the Hyper-Diaper crowd in this issue of TfT! NEWS!


Romans 10… NOT according to Eli-Colic-Caldwell (aka Baby-Eli) neither his mentors Richling, Stammering-Stam, Moore… (Issue 79 pages 19-27)

In this article we shall straighten out the mess, baby-Eli (aka ‘Colic-Caldwell’) has got himself into with his cultic teaching! Unlike Colic-Caldwell we believe that you are saved once you have put your faith & trust in Jesus Christ, unlike this punk kid who thinks you have to ‘DO’ some sort of ‘formula’ (sounds kind of ‘works’ to me don’t you think!)  It’s BY ‘mental assent’ that you get saved according to baby-blog-Eli!   Blockhead-Caldwell teaches that if you call upon God to save you, He WON’T!!!  (Of course that is NOT what the Scriptures teach, that’s baby-blog-Eli’s PRIVATE interpretation! 2 Pet 1v20)  What an imbecilic numbskull of the highest order!  Well we’ll let the Lord Jesus Christ, through His word, deal with this HERETIC!  We shall RIGHTLY divide the Scriptures (2 Tim 2v15) rather than WREST THEM (2 Pet 3v16) as baby-Eli does so often!  We shall try to keep it as simple as possible for baby-Eli, so he’ll hopefully come to understand the truth of the Gospel, among other doctrines in this chapter.  He makes so many mistakes, & teaches a load of HERESIES on his baby-blog, it is a little embarrassing having to keep correcting him all the time, but for his 12 CULT followers, I think it’s worth it!  I do wonder why his mummy & daddy don’t help him, but maybe they too have entered into the Hyper-Diaper CULT in such a deep way?  Anyway, let’s begin & see where Colic-Caldwell goes wrong so often!  We shall be using Ruckman’s commentary on Romans, (even though Eli thinks Ruckman isn’t saved!) which may be too deep for little-Eli, but we can’t stay on milk all of our lives can we!  So let’s begin…

Regarding Romans 10, we have the middle chapter of a three chapter section dealing specifically with Israel!  Look at Rom 10v1 – ‘Israel’, v5 ‘Moses’, v19 ‘Israel’, v21 ‘Israel’.  Colic-Caldwell would agree with that of course being a Hyper-Diaper (like his mentor Richling would), BUT, & here we lose both HERETICS regarding, ‘RIGHTLY DIVIDING’ the word of truth!  Ready for this?  Note we are in chapter 10, & the number 10 is the number of the GENTILES!  Biblical Numerics makes a wonderful study & opens up a whole new world to the Scriptures!  So here in Rom 10 there is no greater chapter on GENTILE SALVATION!  Hyper-Diapers just can’t cut the mustard regarding this, because they just chop up the Bible in little chunks trying to make things fit, when they are NOT supposed to!  The ‘thou’ of v9 is to the ROMANS to whom Paul is writing!  You have ‘man’ in v10, as in ANY INDIVIDUAL man!  You have ‘whosoever’ in v11, ‘no difference between the Jew and the Greek’ in v12, ‘whosoever’ in v13, ‘them that are no people’ and ‘a foolish nation’ (as OPPOSED to the Jews who are provoked ‘to jealousy by them’ in v19)  Look at v20-21 ‘I was made manifest unto them that asked not after meBUT TO ISRAEL he saith…’  So the group that didn’t ask after God was the GENTILES!  Rom 10 is about how THE GENTILES GET SAVED, & Paul uses that as an example to the Jews he loves (v1)  Now already we’ve lost, Colic-Caldwell, Stammering-Stam, Jared, Moore, etc. because they think that Rom 10 is just for Israel, they do NOT understand DUAL application in the Scriptures!  Why?  Because they are very shallow & lazy in their Bible studies.  They would rather sit behind their computers all day taking about when the Church started & why water baptism isn’t for today!  This CULT is nuttier than a pecan pie!  Think how active their ‘counterparts’, the JWs are, regarding reaching lost sinners, compared to the ‘Hyper-Diapers!’

Rom 10v1 Brethren, my heart's desire and prayer to God for Israel is, that they might be saved.  Paul is burdened for Israel, his heart is heavy & he desires that all Israel turns to the Lord Jesus Christ as their Saviour, their Messiah!  As Christians, our heart should be heavy & burdensome for the lost souls around us, rather than have a hard-heart which couldn’t care less that souls get saved like the Hyper-Diapers e.g. Baby-Eli et al.  They are happy letting souls go to Hell without trying to reach them!  What a SATANIC CULT they are!

2 For I bear them record that they have a zeal of God, but not according to knowledge.  The Jews are the prime example of people who are religiously zealous, they are serving God the best way THEY KNOW HOW, but look at the last phrase of v2… ‘but not according to knowledge’.  They may be serving God the best way they know how, they may be doing it to the best of their ability, but they are doing it ABSOLUTELY WRONG!  Just like the JW’s, Mormons, RC’s, Muslims, Hyper-Dispensationalists (aka ‘Hyper-Diapers’), Calvinists, Post-Tribbers (aka ‘Posties’) Pentecostals etc.  WRONG, WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!!!!!!!  Their ZEAL is misguided & they focus on all the wrong things!  Now I understand that in my list above, some of them may be saved, & I only include them because they MAJOR on ‘minors’ e.g. ‘When did the Body of Christ begin?’  But the rest of these CULTS & false Religions are certainly ‘working’ for their salvation & trying to gain self-righteousness (Luke 18v9, Luke 16v15, 1 Sam 16v7, Phil 3v9, Isa 64v6, Rom 10v3, 2 Pet 2v10+12-18 etc.)  Their zeal is misguided!  You either have GOD’S RIGHTEOUSNESS & go to Heaven when you die, or, you have your ‘own righteousness’ & go to HELL when you die!  You don’t go to Hell because you commit adultery or murder, neither stealing, lying or swearing!  Moses killed a man & went to Heaven!  David committed adultery & went to Heaven!  Noah got drunk & went to Heaven!  Peter cursed & swore & went to Heaven!  A man goes to Hell because he looks God in the face & says “I am better than you are!”  If you reject Jesus Christ as your Saviour then you think you are better than the Lord & His way of salvation!  (Rom 5v6+8)  If Jesus Christ has completely fulfilled the righteousness of the Law (& He has, see v4), then what God offers an unsaved man is the righteousness of a PERFECT MAN!  Any excuse an unsaved man gives for passing up the way to Heaven will be upon his own head!  Christ made the way, & there is only one way, through Him!  You reject Christ & you have NO HOPE WHATSOEVER!  It will be the biggest mistake of your life, & will cost you ETERNITY!

3 For they being ignorant of God's righteousness, and going about to establish their own righteousness, have not submitted themselves unto the righteousness of God.  Here in v3 we see the key issue in the Scriptures to man’s main problem, i.e. SIN & self-righteousness!  HOW does man remove his sin & get the righteousness he needs to please God?  99% of the world is trying to ‘earn it!’  Keep the Sabbath, keep the commandments, observe the Golden Rule, live by the Sermon on the Mount, take the sacraments, get baptised, live the best you can… & on & on it goes!  Religions & CULTS all tell you to WORK for your salvation, for your Justification (cf. Eph 2v8+9, Titus 3v5, 2 Tim1v9, Rom 10v4, Gal 5v4, Rom 7v4, Gal 2v16, Gal 3v11+24+25 etc.)  God says it’s HIS WAY, man says it’s ‘his’ way!  Man has NO EXCUSE for rejecting Christ & His righteousness!  If he does, he’s had it!  There is ONLY ONE WAY, & Jesus Christ is THE way!  John 14v6.  If you don’t come the Lord’s way, then you think you are better than Him & you know more than Him!  You are a wicked liar!  Your own works & righteousness will NEVER get you to Heaven, they will only drag you down to Hell!

4 For Christ is the end of the law for righteousness to every one that believeth.  Christ is THE END of THE LAW for RIGHTEOUSNESS to everyone that BELIEVETH!  So a believer gets all the righteousness that was in the Law THROUGH Jesus Christ, because HE kept the Law completely!  But notice that the verse said Christ is THE END of the Law!  When Jesus Christ died on the Cross & made the blood atonement for sin, that ENDED that time of the Old Testament (Heb 9v16+17) when righteousness was attributed to a man according to how he kept the Law!  (Read Ezek 18)

5 For Moses describeth the righteousness which is of the law, That the man which doeth those things shall live by them.

6 But the righteousness which is of faith speaketh on this wise, Say not in thine heart, Who shall ascend into heaven? (that is, to bring Christ down from above:)  In v5+6, Paul contrasts ‘the righteousness which is of the law’ & ‘the righteousness which is of faith’.  The righteousness of the Law in the Old Testament, was given to a man who DID those things written in the Law & LIVED by them!  If he sinned, the proper sacrifices had to be made for him to keep his righteousness!  That is the way OT salvation worked because Jesus Christ had not yet come & fulfilled all of the Law & made a permanent sacrifice for sin!  OT & NT salvation are certainly NOT the same!  John 1v17.  OT – the Law came by Moses!  NT – Grace & truth came by Jesus Christ!  OT – The just shall live by HIS faith (Hab 2v4)  NT – The just shall live by faith (Rom 1v17, see also Gal 2v20)  OT – the saints are dead in trespasses & sins!  NT – the saints are born again!  OT – Saints went to Abraham’s Bosom!  NT – Saints go to be with Christ in Heaven!  In the NT, the believers are IN Christ & are spiritually circumcised.  In the OT, NOBODY was IN Christ (as there was NO ‘Body’), Christ hadn’t even showed up yet!  Moreover, throughout the OT, the flesh was so connected with the SOUL that whatever defiled the flesh defiled the soul too!  (See The Ministry Years (aka TMY Vol 2) issue 66 pg 7-12, also TMY Vol 2 issue 56 pg 15, & issue 62 pg 9)  The two methods of salvation have only two general commonalities: OT saints had to believe what God said & then they had to ACT on it accordingly!  YOU have to believe what God said about Jesus Christ & then you have to act on that information according to the Scriptures!  Other than that, there are no similarities!  Your salvation is most like that before the Law at the time of Abraham.  Abraham was saved by grace through faith.  But as you see in Rom 4, even Abraham’s salvation was not exactly like ours; it is only a ‘type!’  They are NOT the same!  A lot of Christians don’t get that, they don’t understand that salvation is DIFFERENT in DIFFERENT dispensations!  Here are a few examples of how God saved men in different dispensations…

In Gen 1+2 a man is saved by WORKS ‘alone!’  In those chapters, there is NO FAITH involved at all!  Adam & Eve are looking right at God - Heb 11v1 Now faith is …the evidence of things not seen.  The ‘commandment’ to Adam in Gen 2 was ‘Don’t eat off one tree & you’ll be ok!’  When Adam & Eve fell, the Lord made them coats of skins.  That was grace!  It took faith on their part to put on the coats.  So after the fall, Adam & Eve are saved by grace through faith – but NOT faith IN the Lord Jesus Christ!  He was prophesied in Gen 3v15, & God showed them a type of what Christ would do, when He killed THE LAMB (Prov 27v26) & made coats of skin.  But Christ was not revealed in the OT.  He was prophesied, He was pictured, He appeared as the Angel of the Lord, but His identity was hidden (Prov 30v4, Dan 3v25)

From Gen 3 – Exo 20, men are saved by grace through faith, but the faith was in what God TOLD each individual!  E.g. Abel offered a lamb of his flock; Enoch believed God would judge the world when Methuselah died so he walked with God; Noah believed God would send a worldwide flood & therefore built an ark!  That’s the message of Heb 11 (read the chapter before carrying on with this study!)  Ruckman continues… A ‘work’ was intrinsically connected with each person’s belief in what God said!  ‘Works’ completed what faith started.  These Christians who say that in every dispensation it is only faith that saves & works has nothing to do with salvation, are just shallow students of the Scriptures!  Read Ezek 18 for an eye opener!  So salvation by grace through faith between Gen 3 – Exod 20 is NOT THE SAME as salvation by grace through faith from Pentecost (Acts 2) to the Rapture!  Faith was NOT placed IN Jesus Christ, & salvation was not necessarily complete upon ‘belief’ as ours is!

In Exo 20, the Law enters, & it runs about 1,500 years to the ministry of John the Baptist (Mat 11v13, Luke 16v16).  The Law is a set standard of righteousness that applies to ALL who are under it!  It is a FAITH & WORKS set up, even though people like AnderSNAKE, Bob-the-BOOB, Ding-a-ling-Richling & his disciples (Eli-Colic-Caldwell, arrogant-Pfenninger etc) just can’t understand it!  Under the Law, you had to KEEP the Law!  If you DIDN’T KEEP the Law, you could lose your salvation & not get it back (as in the case of King Saul in the OT – something that blows old-arrogant-Ed-Pfenny’s tiny mind!)  These guys just WRONGLY divide the Scriptures & pull Scriptures out of context trying to bend them & get them to fit their heresies!  It never works, & only a simpleton would follow these heretics e.g. 12 following punk-Eli the Hyper-Diaper brat in the USA!  Bible Believing grown men, don’t follow kids that can’t read!  In the OT you could lose your salvation & then GET IT BACK AGAIN as did Samson!

There is much confusion among Christians regarding Solomon, as to whether he was saved or not!  He’s not listed among the ‘heroes of the faith’ in Heb 11, but then again neither were others.  There is also no indication that he was saved in the NT!  BUT, according to the promise made to David in 2 Sam 7v15, God said… my mercy shall not depart away from him, as I took it from Saul, whom I put away before thee.  But Solomon died an idolater & in rebellion to God’s physical punishment for his sins – 1 Kings 11v40.  Was Solomon saved?  You tell me!  I know what I believe!

The problem with the Law is that no one keeps it fully!  When an OT saint failed to keep the Law in some point, then he was given a BLOOD sacrifice to die in his place.  If he DIDN’T make that BLOOD sacrifice or TRUST IN IT, then he was LOST!

Ruckman continues… There were times, in the prophets, when God was fed up with the sacrifices made by Jews because they were made by habit & NOT by faith or because they were made as a replacement for works altogether; i.e. they continued IN SIN expecting the BLOOD sacrifice to make everything all right!

Under the Law it was not enough to have faith without works or to have works without faith.  You had to have BOTH, & you had to be in that state when you died or you wouldn’t make it!  The OT had no ‘eternal security’ for its saints, just read Ezek 18.  These boys who don’t believe that salvation in the OT was a faith PLUS WORKS set up… just read Ezek 18!!!

The Lord always seems to have His exceptions though, & in the OT it was David!  David committed TWO ‘unpardonable’ sins, ‘adultery & murder!’  NO sacrifice was provided by God for either!  Yet, God put away David’s sins.  (Isa 55v3, Acts 13v34)  David is the exception NOT the rule, if only arrogant-Ed-Pfenny could get that!

If you were a Jew under the Law, you would sweat out the Day of Atonement EACH YEAR!  You would be listening to those bells on the high priest’s garment!  If you made it through that, you would have to bring a lamb to the tabernacle every time you messed up!  The next year you would do the same thing all over again!  The OT saints couldn’t have their sins TAKEN AWAY!  Heb 10v3+4+11 But in those sacrifices there is a remembrance again made of sins every year.  For it is not possible that the blood of bulls and of goats should take away sinsAnd every priest standeth daily ministering and offering oftentimes the same sacrifices, which can never take away sins:

So next we come to the Gospels up to Acts 2, & this is the most difficult to define doctrinally, for Christ was here on earth while the Law was STILL IN EFFECT!  It is an intermediate period & the most unstable period in the Bible.  You have the ‘local church’, but NOT the Body of Christ; you have an organism (the vine) that is not Christ’s Body.  You have promises of eternal security (John 10v21-29) that don’t match the Pauline epistles (Eph 5v30).

From Acts 2 to the Rapture, salvation is absolutely clear, it is BY GRACE THROUGH FAITH IN Jesus Christ & His atonement… plus NOTHING, NO WORKS!  Ruckman says Acts 2 because that is the first time the baptism of the Holy Spirit occurs (Acts 1v5), & believers are placed INTO THE BODY OF CHRIST by the baptism of the Holy Spirit (1 Cor 12v13).

The 6th system of salvation is during the SEVEN YEAR Tribulation (Jacob’s Trouble).  Again, it is a FAITH PLUS WORKS set up!  Just read the following verses… Rev 12v17 + Rev 14v12.

Finally, you have the Millennium & Eternity where you no longer have FAITH because the KING is right there where you can see Him, even HELL is right where it can be clearly seen – Isa 66v24!  Imagine if you could SEE Hell on earth today, what a change you would see in people.  Read Rev 22v14 – WORKS, WORKS, WORKS, & NO faith!

When those nations which survive the Tribulation stand before the King, they are judged by their works; feeding the hungry, giving drink to the thirsty, taking in strangers, clothing the naked, comforting the sick, visiting the imprisoned.  Those who DID THOSE THINGS enter the Millennial kingdom.  Those who DON’T, go to Hell (Mat 25v31-46).  Faith doesn’t appear one time in the passage!  If a man preaches in the Millennium, he is to be thrust through by his parents (Zech 13v3).  Now what do you make of that in light of 1 Cor 1v21 + 12v28 + Rev 19v10, IF salvation is the same in all ages?

Paul says in Heb 8v11 And they shall not teach every man his neighbour, and every man his brother, saying, Know the Lord: for all shall know me, from the least to the greatest.  NO Bible prophets, NO Bible preachers, NO Bible teachers!  Why not?  Because …faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. Rom 10v17 & …faith is the substance of things HOPED FOR, the evidence of things not seen.  Heb 11v1.  And as Paul said back in Romans 8v24… hope that is seen is not hope: for what a man seeth, why doth he yet hope for?  There is no ‘faith’ required in the Millennium or Eternity!

Ruckman gives us a great golden nugget of Scriptural truth by stating that every HERESY in this age is a MISPLACED TRUTH of God (Heresy is truth misplaced!) that belongs to another age!  Do you want to keep the Sabbath?  Then wait until the Tribulation / Jacob’s Trouble, & you’ll be completely Scriptural!  Do you want to belong to the same ‘church’ as the 144,000?  Then wait until Daniel’s 70th Week (aka the Tribulation!)  Do you want to get saved by receiving the Lord Jesus Christ & stay saved by keeping the Ten Commandments?  Then wait until the Tribulation!  Do you want to die & go to an intermediate state that is neither Heaven nor Hell?  Well that’s the fifth seal of Rev 6v9… IN the Tribulation!

The HERESIES taught by the JW’s, Roman Catholics, Seventh Day Adventists, Charismatics etc. are ‘truths’ MISPLACED!  They are taking Scripture for themselves that is directed to people in the OT, the Tribulation or the Millennium! 

Back to Rom 10v6 But the righteousness which is of faith speaketh on this wise, Say not in thine heart, Who shall ascend into heaven? (that is, to bring Christ down from above:)  Say not in thine heart, who shall ascend into heaven?  That is what NASA has been trying to do since 1961.  The actual goal of the space program is to try to prove there is no God by finding life on other planets, so the scientists can say that life evolved in different places in different ways in the universe.  Going up into space is nothing but trying to prove there is no God!  Think about the BILLIONS they have spent on this totally useless act, & what they could have spent the money on! 

v6 …that is, to bring Christ down from above – The word ‘Christ’ means ‘anointed’; it is the NT version of Messiah.  The Devil is called the ‘anointed cherub’ in Ezek 28v14.  So Satan is a ‘Christ’ & ‘Messiah’ too!  That is why the Scriptures distinguish ‘the Lord’s Christ’ in Luke 2v26.  It’s because there is another ‘Jesus’, another ‘Spirit’ & another ‘Gospel’ – 2 Cor 11v4, Gal 1v8+9.  The Devil, from which the Antichrist gets his power (Rev 13v2), comes down to earth out of Heaven, in the Tribulation (Rev 12v8).  And of course, some day ‘the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout’ – 1 Thes 4v16.  No man can go up to Heaven & force Jesus Christ to leave His seat at the right hand of God the Father & come down to earth!  So a Roman Catholic ‘priest’ standing at the ‘altar’ consecrating ‘the host’ is an absolute JOKE!

7 Or, Who shall descend into the deep? (that is, to bring up Christ again from the dead.)  In the same way, no one is going to dig in the earth & bring Christ up ‘again’ from the grave (Rom 6v10)… HE ISN’T THERE!  (Mat 28v6)  Jesus Christ’s bones shall NEVER be found because Jesus Christ arose from the dead!  The Lord’s Christ has already come down from Heaven, & He will come again, this time with unsheathed power.  But when He returns, He will come in His own time.  He has already died ONCE for ALL (Heb 10v10) & risen to give justification (Rom 4v25) & life (1 Cor 15v22).  Nothing any man can do will change any of that!

Now, Paul is discussing ‘the righteousness which is of faith’.  That righteousness is by the death, burial, & resurrection of Jesus Christ (1 Cor 15v1-4).  Given that, what could any man have done to make Jesus Christ do that the first time, much less repeat that sacrifice like the Catholic priest tries to do at the Mass!  And of course, the answer is NOTHING!  The Lord made the provision for giving you His righteousness based on His love for sinners!

8 But what saith it? The word is nigh thee, even in thy mouth, and in thy heart: that is, the word of faith, which we preach;  Ruckman has some great comments here… If you are going to get saved, you are going to have to believe ‘the word of faith, which we preach’.  Moreover, that word isn’t far off so that you have to work to get it.  The Scriptures say, ‘The word is nigh thee, even in thy mouth, & in thy heart.’  So if a fellow wants to know what the Lord says, he can have access to it!  And if a man wants to be saved, ‘the word of faith’ is right at the two places that enable him to trust Christ: the HEART & the MOUTH cf. v9+10.  God will make sure that any man who really wants to know how to be saved will get ‘the word’.  But again, this is where us Bible Believers part company with the Hyper-Diapers, because if you use the ‘Romans Road’ to lead someone to Christ (The Hypers NEVER lead souls to Christ!), then v9+10+13 are the point where you tell the sinner exactly HOW to be saved!  A man is saved WHEN he BELIEVES the Gospel (1 Cor 15v1-4).  In Rom 10v9+10+13, Paul explains HOW to believe the Gospel!  Bye bye Hyper-Diaper!

The first thing is to CONFESS Jesus Christ!  Now if you think that is a ‘work’ you’re a NUT!  When you ‘confess’ something, you admit or declare that it is so!  When a man gets saved, he will confess Christ as the ONLY WAY that he can get to Heaven!  He will CONFESS that Jesus Christ died for his sins!  He will CONFESS to God (in prayer!) that he is TRUSTING Christ ALONE for salvation!  Many Gospel tracts quote 1 John 1v9 as part of the plan of salvation.  They equate the CONFESSION OF SINS mentioned in that verse with the REPENTANCE that should occur when a sinner TRUSTS Christ as Saviour (Acts 20v21) 

Yes, a man must realise that he is a sinner & under the judgment of God!  There is no way that a man can trust Christ without admitting that is so.  But when a man gets saved, he doesn’t need to confess every sin he has committed to GET SAVED!  Repentance BEFORE salvation is a turning FROM a state of being!  These NUTS that say you shouldn’t repent, just don’t understand what repentance is!  Bye bye Hyper-Diaper!  Before salvation you are a sinner under the wrath of God.  At salvation you turn from that state of sin to receive Jesus Christ & become a son of God!  That has absolutely NOTHING to do with ANY KIND OF WORKS!  If you think it does (as do the Hyper-Diapers) then you are a very shallow Bible student! (e.g. Baby-Eli)  To open their eyes, and to turn them from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan unto God, that they may receive forgiveness of sins, and inheritance among them which are sanctified by faith that is in me. Acts 26v18   Testifying both to the Jews, and also to the Greeks, repentance toward God, and faith toward our Lord Jesus Christ. Acts 20v21.  You are obligated to do works meet for repentance… ‘But shewed first unto them of Damascus, and at Jerusalem, and throughout all the coasts of Judaea, and then to the Gentiles, that they should repent and turn to God, and do works meet for repentance.’ Acts 26v20.  AFTER salvation you should live for Jesus Christ & show others that you have REPENTED & have been SAVED!  Bye-bye Hyper-Diaper!

Confession of sins is different though!  AFTER salvation, when you sin (& EVERY Christian still does!), you should still repent! Now Ruckman mentions something here that the Hyper-Diapers just can’t grasp… Repentance AFTER salvation is different from repentance BEFORE salvation!  Bye-bye Hyper-Diapers!  Technically speaking, after salvation, if you are saved, you are no longer a sinner, you are a saint who commits sin!  There is a difference!  As a saint, you do not repent to receive Christ.  You are already IN Christ, & you are no longer under the wrath of God.

After salvation, you turn from your sin to the service of Jesus Christ (Eph 4v25-32).  But having sinned, you have also broken your fellowship with God.  To restore that fellowship you must go to the Lord & tell Him exactly what you have done that was wrong, the individual acts!  So you are not repenting of being IN sin, because no saved person lives IN sin, a saved person lives IN Christ!  You are repenting of COMMITTING sin, & to do that you must CONFESS it!  So 1 John 1v9 has NOTHING to do with ‘salvation’ at all, & to use it to get a sinner to repent will only confuse him when he gets saved & finds out that he must confess his sins!

Now, before going on, let’s get this matter sorted, so that it’s clear!  A lost man can confess his sins to God, or even to Jesus Christ, all he wants, & still go to Hell!  Judas did (Mat 27v3-5), Balaam did (Num 22v34), Pharaoh did (Exod 10v16+17).  Every one of them confessed that he was a sinner & confessed his sin, & every one of them ended up in Hell after he did it!  Confession of sins isn’t salvation!  (This is where the Hyper-Diapers get all screwed up, especially in regard to ‘prayer!’)  Confessing your sins won’t save you!  Anything short of a man turning to Jesus Christ for salvation & confessing Him as Lord & Saviour is NOT salvation!  Confessing your sins maybe ‘half-way’ but it still falls short!  (Mr Hyper-Diaper please note the apostrophes on half-way before kicking all your dollies out of the pram!  Do you understand that?) 

9 That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.  Confessing your SINS has nothing to do with it!  The next thing to getting saved is to BELIEVE IN THINE HEART THAT GOD HATH RAISED HIM FROM THE DEAD!  The resurrection makes the atonement EFFICACIOUS (effective) to a sinner!  The resurrection makes the atonement effective to us – it brings a change in our lives!  If all Christ did was to die for sin, then you could not apply the atonement to yourself.  Paul said… And if Christ be not raised, your faith is vain; ye are yet in your sins. 1 Cor 15v17.  Without the resurrection, the best you could hope for would be Abraham’s Bosom in the centre of the earth!  You could never make it to Heaven!  If Jesus Christ hadn’t risen from the dead, then He would have been like any other MAN (Rom 1v4).  If Jesus Christ had not risen from the dead, then you could not be justified completely before God (Rom 4v25).  Without the resurrection, you could lose whatever salvation you had gotten (Acts 13v34).  If there was no resurrection, then you have no NEW MAN (Rom 6v4), you could not be born again!

So there are no ‘if’s, and’s or but’s’ about it!  If a man confesses Jesus Christ with his mouth & BELIEVES IN THE RESURRECTION of Jesus Christ IN HIS HEART, the promise is ‘thou shalt be saved’.  That is HOW you believe the Gospel!  That is all there is to it!  Hyper-Diapers & Calvinists make is too complicated that they get the Gospel so screwed up in their own tiny minds, as baby-Eli does so often!  He jumps around pulling a Scripture from the OT, then one from the Tribulation, then one from early Acts, then one from post-Acts 9 & on & on it goes, trying to prove his little heresy!  The Gospel is simple, a child can understand it, but according to Colic-Caldwell NO CHILD ever got saved by asking / praying for Jesus to save them…!  He’s just as dumb as you can get! 

But how do you believe in your heart?  What is heart belief?  Look at v10… For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.  How can you tell that you are believing with your heart & not with your head?  You can tell that you’re believing with your heart when you RELY on a thing; you TRUST it; you LEAN on it!  THAT is ‘heart belief!’  When a child calls out to the Lord Jesus Christ to save him from his sins, he is trusting in the Lord Jesus implicitly, & relying TOTALLY on Him for his salvation!  The actual ‘prayer’ didn’t save him, Jesus Christ did!  He asked the Lord to save Him & the Lord heard his prayer & answered his call… but not according to baby-Eli & his CULT-ilk!  If he prayed, God will NOT save him because his prayer is a ‘work!’  By now, you can all see just how DUMB this idiot doctrine of devils is!  I repeat, this is why baby-Eli is NOT a soul-winner & has no interest in winning souls (Prov 11v30), will not pass out tracts or street preach, or write articles on his baby-blog about evangelism… he just doesn’t, & can’t do it, because he doesn’t know what the Gospel is, or how to lead a soul to Christ!  Billy Sunday is alien to baby-Eli, he just can’t understand dear old Billy!  Peter Ruckman leading 400 souls a year to Christ for the last 20 years is a mystery to Colic-Caldwell, he’s baffled by it all!  Instead, he wants to sit at his little computer, in his nice warm cosy room telling his 12 followers (half his own family!!!) that Christians like Peter Ruckman, & Billy Sunday, & Alan O’Reilly, & John Davis are NOT saved, because they called upon the Lord to save them, & that is a ‘work!’  Every village has one, & Punk-Eli is ‘the one’ in his own town!  Colic-Caldwell’s salvation plan is by ‘mental assent’ & is as sound as the JW’s ‘gospel!’  Poor old Eli has his underpants on fire!!!

I can ‘intellectually assent’ to the fact that my car will get me to my next appointment, but I don’t believe it in MY HEART until I GET INTO MY CAR & DRIVE!  A man can agree that all the facts of the gospel are so, he can repeat with complete sincerity the Apostle’s Creed every Sunday, & he will still wind up in Hell!  Belief of the head is KNOWING ABOUT Christ (i.e. the Hyper-Diapers!); belief of the heart is TRUSTING IN Christ – US Bible Believers!  See the difference!  I TRUST Christ with all of my heart, Colic-Caldwell ‘knows about Christ’ with his head!  There is a MASSIVE difference!  I’m saved & on my way to Heaven… Eli needs to invest in an asbestos suit!!!  John Davis is 100% depending on, relying on, & trusting IN Jesus Christ to keep me out of Hell!  Baby-Eli’s ‘mental-assent-gospel’ will lead him to HELL!

The question for the sinner is this… ‘What are you relying on to keep you out of Hell?’  Hyper-Diapers just tell you to ‘believe’ in Jesus just like the JW’s, RC’s, Mormons etc. even the Devil ‘believes’ in Jesus!  I’m not believing with my head, but my heart; I’m trusting in Jesus Christ for my salvation!  Have YOU appropriated the sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ for yourself?  The heart & the mouth, spiritually, are connected (Mat 12v34).  You ‘talk’ about things you love (Mat 12v35).  Now this is where the Hyper-Diapers go all ‘beside themselves’ (Mark 3v21) & start chopping up the Scriptures!

Now, there are two things that come up at this point!  The first is the place of prayer in salvation!  It is obvious that the mere ‘act’ of praying itself saves no one!  Did you here that Hyper?  In Luke 18v10-14, two men go to pray at the temple, & that account ends with one man saved & the other lost!  (I’ve just ‘lost’ Hyper-Eli et al.)  Cornelius prayed on a regular basis (Acts 10v2), & God honoured his prayers (Acts 10v4).  But Cornelius did not get saved until he heard Peter preach (Acts 10v34-43) & he believed on Christ (Acts 10v43-47)  So prayer in & of ITSELF doesn’t save a man!  But this is where the Hypers go crazy!

This NEW Hyper-Diaper-CULT says that if a man ‘prays’ to get saved (or more specifically, prays the ‘sinners prayer’), then he is LOST because prayer is a ‘work!’  So instead, all a man need do is ‘assent’ to the fact that Christ died for him & thank God for having already forgiven his sins… which no child would understand I hasten to add!!!

Now there are all kinds of things wrong with Colic-Caldwell’s ‘assent-Gospel’; not the least of which is that giving of thanks to God for having already saved you is a PRAYER!!!  Get it Punk-Eli???  No you don’t!  Half-wit!  He’s just a Richling disciple, just like Ed-Pfenny is… both are absolute NUTS!

Now boys & girls, ‘prayer’ is a ‘prayer’ whether you ASK God to save you or you THANK God for saving you!  Get that Eli-baby?  Of course you don’t!  Why don’t you?  Because Richling has scrambled your puny mind!  Follow the Scriptures son, not Richling or CULT-leader-Stammering-Stam etc.  I’m just trying to help you sonny!  Once you’re saved, you will understand, so stay with me fella!

IF ‘prayer’ can’t save you because it’s a ‘work’, then for the Lord’s sake (as well as your own) DON’T THANK GOD FOR SAVING YOU!!!!!!!  You would be mixing ‘works’ with your faith, so you wouldn’t be saved!  (Eph 2v8+9)

This is the kind of nonsense that is being taught by Hyper-mid-Acts-dispensationalists today!  Ed-Pfenny & Punk-Eli are just two of the cretins teaching it!  I’m just spending a little time exposing these DODO’S because I know of a couple of you who have got mixed up with these idiots (Thad now seems to be a bedfellow with him, because he can’t stand on his own two feet!)  All these numbskulls do, is spend their time trying to talk Christians OUT of their salvation!  Look at Eli’s baby-blog, that’s all he does!  That is why he sees very little growth among Bible Believers signing up to his idiot-blog, because they can smell a rat straight away, & this brat is a rat!!!  Eli knows ‘about’ the Lord but doesn’t KNOW the Lord, that’s the difference, the same goes for that other Punk-Ed-Pfenny-the-Benny!

Hypers are only interested in ‘retreads’ rather saving souls, that’s why NONE OF THEM win souls (Colic-Calwell, Ed-the-pen-Fen etc.)  All these heretics do is confuse the weak sheep!  They just cast doubt in the mind of a weak Christian’s faith, as to whether he is saved or not!  Jackass-Eli is gonna get his bum smacked by the Lord at the ‘Judgement Seat of Christ’ or’ Great White Throne’, whichever he goes to!  Ed-fenny & Colic-Caldwell haven’t led a soul to Christ & wouldn’t know how!  Do you?  Now let’s have a look at this matter not only from a Scriptural point of view, but from a practical one as well.  There is nothing in the Scriptures (including here in Rom 10v9+10+13) that says you HAVE to pray to get saved!  There is no evidence that the Ethiopian eunuch prayed to get saved, even though he DID ‘confess’ with HIS MOUTH (Acts 8v37).  As far as we know Cornelius & his household did not pray to get saved (Acts 10v43-47).  At the same time though, you can’t say it is wrong to pray to get saved, although the Hypers DO!  The so-called ‘sinners prayer’ finds its origin Luke 18v13 in a parable told by Jesus Christ!  The publican who prayed that prayer went home JUSTIFIED (Luke 18v14).  What made the prayer efficacious to the publican was the person to whom he addressed the prayer (Luke 18v11 cf. Luke 18v13), the spirit in which he prayed (humble ‘repentance’ – bye bye Eli, Pfenny & all the other CULT members!!!), & that for which he prayed (God’s mercy to a sinner!)  To that prayer, Christians have ‘added’… ‘& save me for Jesus’ sake!’ (Rom 10v9-13)

If ANY sinner prays that prayer, or a similar one, expressing the belief he has in his heart on the Lord Jesus Christ & His death, burial, & resurrection, do you really think the Lord is going to reject ‘an act of faith’ IN Jesus Christ, expressed through prayer, after He said ‘…him that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out’ (John 6v37)?  Not according to John Wesley, Peter Ruckman, Larkin, Sunday & a BILLION others, but God will reject you according to Eli-Colic-Caldwell & his baby-bloggers, his ‘’grace’-church’ (try finding THAT ONE in the Scriptures!!!) plus the other few remaining Hyper-Diapers!  Now you can see what IDIOTS & HERETICS they really are!  They’re so screwed up in their doctrines of devils, that they have to ‘twirl’ to put their hats on!

If prayer is a form of CALLING UPON THE NAME OF THE LORD (& it certainly IS!), then if a man confesses his faith IN Jesus Christ to God in prayer then he is saved!  He might not have to do it just that way, but IF he does, he ISN’T ‘working’ his way to Heaven!  After all, it isn’t the ‘prayer’ that saves him anyway, it is the Lord Jesus Christ that saves him!  Jesus Christ saves the sinner when he places his faith & trust IN Him, & the same Lord who told the sinner to believe, also told him to CONFESS HIM WITH THE MOUTH & CALL UPON HIS NAME!  You can do BOTH ‘IN PRAYER!’ (Rom 10v13).  It’s that simple, yet the Hypers like Eli just can’t understand it, because his parents, his ‘grace-church’ (whatever that is?), his CULT-leaders, ‘teachers’, & authors have beguiled him!  Poor punk-Eli needs to DUMP Anderson & Richling & get back to the Scriptures… RIGHTLY divided of course!

Ruckman goes on… ‘Practically speaking, it is good for a sinner to pray when he gets saved.  Nobody alive remembers when he was born physically, but most people have a birth certificate that tells them WHERE they were born & WHEN they were born.  When a man PRAYS to get saved, that gives him a tangible time to which he can point & say… ‘That’s the time & place where I placed my faith IN Jesus Christ & was saved!’  It can strengthen the Christian’s assurance!’

The 2nd thing that comes up is what if a man doesn’t confess Christ when he gets saved?  What you have here is a general rule.  The verse is constructed in a way similar to Mark 16v16 He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned.  Obviously in THAT passage, salvation is conditioned on belief, NOT belief plus baptism!  BUT if a man is saved by belief in the Gospel (Mark 16v15), then as a general rule, he will be baptized!  (NOT according to the Hypers though!)  The exceptions to that doesn’t overthrow the rule, they PROVE the rule!  Generally speaking, when a man receives Christ into his heart, it will come forth OUT OF HIS MOUTH!  (Luke 6v45)

In John 12v42, there is a bunch of ‘chief rulers’ that believed on Christ, ‘but because of the Pharisees they did not confess him, lest they should be put out of the synagogue:’  When Jesus Christ addressed these men in John 12v44-50, He addressed their belief, NOT their lack of confession!  He made it very clear that it was their BELIEF that saved them – John 12v44-46.  Were they cowards?  Yes!  Did they love the wrong thing?  Yes!  Were they lost?  No!  Joseph of Arimathea was among that group, & eventually he came forward & CONFESSED Jesus Christ – John 19v38.  Nicodemus was in that group, & he came out for Jesus Christ too (John 19v39).  In fact, in Acts 6v7, we discover that a GREAT company of the priests were obedient to the faith!!!

So generally speaking, a saved man WILL CONFESS Jesus Christ to others!  I did!  As soon as I was saved, I couldn’t stop CONFESSING Jesus Christ to others, including my own family, who took it very badly!  I just couldn’t stop talking about Jesus Christ!  But as already discussed, there is no ‘set way’ (e.g. like ‘prayer’) that you do it!  When a baby gets hungry he cries to let someone know!  When a sinner makes up his mind that he needs to get saved, he will CALL UPON THE NAME OF THE LORD!  At some point in the future, that saved sinner will CONFESS the Lord Jesus Christ!  (Mat 10v32 as an example!)

11 For the scripture saith, Whosoever believeth on him shall not be ashamed.  Are you ashamed of the Lord Jesus Christ?  Do you miss opportunities to testify & confess Jesus Christ to folks because you’re ashamed?  If you truly get saved, you really love the Lord, you won’t stop talking about Him & you will not be ashamed!  The Lord puts us all in many different situations so that we can testify of Him, let’s make everyone of them count, asking the Lord to give us the strength & boldness to do so.  Ps 40v3, Ps 71v15-18, Eph 6v19 etc.

12 For there is no difference between the Jew and the Greek: for the same Lord over all is rich unto all that call upon him.  This verse, v12, DEFINES the ‘whosoever’ of v13.  ‘Whosoever’ does NOT mean ‘the elect’, it means whatever Jew OR GENTILE that CALLED UPON THE NAME OF THE LORD SHALL BE SAVED! 

13 For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.  Get that Hyper-Diaper… GENTILES INCLUDED!  Richling & Colic-Caldwell wrongly divide the Scriptures, they just hack up the Bible to try to get the Scriptures to fit in with their heresies!  Punk-kid-Eli is a Bible ‘hacker!’

14 How then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed? and how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard? and how shall they hear without a preacher?  Out goes baby-Eli again, as he’s no preacher, nor teacher, nor soul-winner, neither is he a student of the word, he’s just an arrogant punk-kid with a chip on his baby shoulders against all Gentiles who called upon the Lord for salvation!  They’re hypocrites, one minute Colic-Caldwell believes Ruckman isn’t saved because he ‘called upon the Lord in PRAYER’ & the next he’s buying his books!  See the hypocrisy there folks!

15 And how shall they preach, except they be sent? as it is written, How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace, and bring glad tidings of good things!  Baby-Eli hasn’t preached the Gospel a day in his entire life!  Why?  Because he doesn’t know or understand the Gospel, he thinks you have to somehow mystically ‘mental ascend’ for salvation, rather than CALL UPON THE NAME OF THE LORD!  The boy’s been watching too many science fiction films me thinks!  He’s out there on the fringe of insanity with his CULT-church & CULT family spending all the time God gives him, attacking Christians & shouting “You’re not saved, you’re not saved, you’re not saved!!!”  He thinks this is living the Christian life!  Thank God we have THE BOOK which destroys all these little punks like Baby-Eli, & his motley crew!  Stay with THE BOOK folks, & block all the Hyper-Dispensational-BLOCKHEADS!

Let’s get back to it… When God sends the Gospel out, He sends it by preachers!  The word ‘apostle’ means one that is SENT!  The original 12 apostles were sent out to preach (Mat 10v7)  Paul was sent to preach the Gospel (1 Cor 1v17)  Paul said ‘it pleased God by the foolishness of preaching to save them that believe.’  Now when it comes to preaching the Gospel, it is NOT limited to an ‘ordained’ minister, standing behind the pulpit!  ‘Preaching’ the Gospel is simply telling someone the Gospel message of 1 Cor 15v1-4, & that is the OBLIGATION of EVERY Christian!  Hear that Hyper-Diaper!?

Look at Phil 1v12-17 – Notice in that passage that you have two groups that ‘preach Christ’ (v16), & nobody in the passage is a pastor, a Sunday School teacher, a missionary, an apostle, a deacon etc.  They are simply ‘brethren’ that ‘speak the word without fear’ (v14)  One group is not even doing it for the right reason (v15+16), & Paul still calls it preaching!  So that means EVERY Christian should ‘preach’ the Gospel to someone in some way!

Whenever the Gospel is preached, some people reject it while others believe it.  Those who believe the Gospel ‘CALL UPON THE NAME OF THE LORD!’ (v13) for salvation!  Get that Hyper-Diaper!?  Rom 10v15 is a quote taken from Isa 52v7 & Nahum 1v15.  Of course, it is another example of Paul taking verses that, ‘doctrinally’ are targeted at the Second Advent & the beginning of the Millennium, & applying them to the Church Age!  Notice again the DUAL application that Hyper’s like Colic-Caldwell just can’t seem to understand, hence why they get so many things mixed up & teach so many errors!  I have recently noticed that poor young baby-Eli can’t fathom the Gap FACT!  This is what happens when you DON’T rightly DIVIDE the Scriptures (2 Tim 2v15)

All three Scriptures (Isa 52v7, Nahum 1v15, & Rom 10v15) all speak of ‘peace!’  In Nahum 1v15, that peace is the temporary peace after 2 Kings 19, where God delivers Judah out of the hand of Sennacherib, & the Jews are to keep the vows & feasts which they promised to God if He would deliver them.  Isa 52v7 speaks of permanent peace which the Lord sends when Jesus reigns as King in Jerusalem in the Millennium.  Rom 10v15 is speaking of the SPIRITUAL peace that the Lord gives to those who believe the Gospel!

Back to v15 – the Lord says that the Gospel of peace is a part of the Christians armour… ‘your feet shod with the preparation of the Gospel of peace’ (Eph 6v15).  We as Christians should be ready to go anywhere, at any time, to preach the Gospel to any one!  Ruckman continues… Any Christian who is NOT actively engaged in some way to win the lost to Christ is a HERETIC, despite what he may profess!  He is NOT fighting the ‘good fight’ as he should!  See how Eli-Colic-Caldwell is a HERETIC!  He doesn’t preach the Gospel, he just attacks Christians, continually telling everyone outside of his baby-Hyper-Diaper-CULT that they’re not saved e.g. Peter Ruckman, Alan O’Reilly, John Davis, John Wesley, Jack Chick, Billy Sunday plus a million other Christians!  Is the Punk-kid saved himself?  You tell me!  No one can see any fruit in his life (John 15v1-5), no one has ever seen any spiritual growth in his life, so you tell me!  To me, he’s just an arrogant Jackass wasting his life, arguing over ‘water’ & fighting for his idols Richling, Stammering-Stam & the other losers!  Every Christian should be able to ‘deliver’ the Gospel when an opportunity arises!  You should be able to ‘preach’ it in any situation if given half a chance, but can you?  The Hypers can’t, the Calvinists can’t, but what about you?  What kind of a witness are you for Jesus Christ?  Colic-Caldwell, if he really is saved, is a terrible witness for the Lord, & so are all Hyper-Diapers, but what about YOU?  When was the last time you ‘preached’ the Gospel? 

16 But they have not all obeyed the gospel. For Esaias saith, Lord, who hath believed our report?  This is another quote from Isaiah 53v1.  Like we said previously, not everyone obeys the Gospel, in fact most, reject it sadly!  Note here that ‘obeying the Gospel’ is equated with ‘believing the Gospel.’  It’s believing the report God gave of His Son & TRUSTING ONLY IN HIM for salvation!

17 So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.  The more of the word of God a person hears, the more he is able to understand & receive what God says!  It is so important to get the word of God out to sinners, whether it’s by street preaching, CDs & DVDs, tracting, one-on-one reading the Scriptures to someone, but GET THE WORD OF GOD OUT!  Every Christian reading this ought to saturate the area where he lives with tracts!  Sow the seed of the word of God everywhere.  By people reading & hearing the Scriptures your faith increases!  Everyone has a certain amount of faith & light within him, to receive the Gospel (Rom 12v10), yet most reject their conscience leading them to the truth, & therefore they are ‘educated’ OUT of believing in God!  Schools are educating children OUT of believing in God by teaching them evolution!  The word of God is key to increasing your faith, therefore we all ought to be reading the Scriptures daily & meditating upon them.  If you choose to listen to what God is saying to you & act upon it, the Lord will give you more.  If you choose to ignore or reject what God has said, the Lord will TAKE AWAY the truth that you have. 

18 But I say, Have they not heard? Yes verily, their sound went into all the earth, and their words unto the ends of the worldBut what about the heathen?  This question comes up a lot in conversations!  Here in v18 Paul says that the heathen HAVE HEARD, which implies that they have had a PREACHER!  He then quotes Ps 19v4 to prove that the Gospel has been preached to them.  Ruckman goes on… The antecedents of ‘their’ in Ps 19 are DAY & NIGHT (Ps 19v2) In this case, the preacher isn’t even a human or a Christian.  In Ps 19, DAY & NIGHT ‘preach’ to every man, woman, & child on the face of the earth!  What do they preach?  1) There is a Creator!  2) There is a Godhead that is a Trinity (from the THREE different types of rays the sun puts out!)  3) The Lord is against the world & the world goes against the Lord (the earth rotates against the movement of the sun across the sky)  4) The Lord dies (the sun sets in a red sky!)  5)  The Lord is resurrected (the sun comes UP every morning!)  6) The Lord is coming again (When the sun rises out of a red sky!)  7) The Lord has a counterpart that reflects His light (moon!)  8) The church starts out small & grows big & then falls into apostasy (the monthly cycle of the moon)

The heathen prove that they know these things because nearly all heathen worship is based on SUN worship, with the moon goddess being the sun’s consort!  Many time the ‘queen of heaven’, the moon, has a virgin-born son.  So the heathen testify against themselves!

Having dealt with the heathen, Paul then asks, ‘Did not Israel know?’ (v19)  And the implication again is YES, they DID know!  To prove this, Paul quotes Deut 32v21 & Isa 65v1+2.

19 But I say, Did not Israel know? First Moses saith, I will provoke you to jealousy by them that are no people, and by a foolish nation I will anger you.  In v19 Paul quotes Deut 32v21.  The ‘foolish nation’ is obviously the GENTILES, but notice that it is ONE ‘nation’, not many!  The reference is not merely to the Gentiles as a whole, but to SAVED Gentiles that compose the ‘holy nation’ of 1 Pet 2v9.  If there is any doubt about that interpretation, look at Rom 11v11.  Speaking of Israel, Paul says…  I say then, Have they stumbled that they should fall? God forbid: but rather through their fall salvation is come unto the Gentiles, for to provoke them to jealousy. Rom 11v11.  God does this because of the character & empty worship given Him by the Jews.  Notice back in Deut 32v20, that God describes the Jews of the New Testament as ‘children in whom is no faith.’  They made the Lord jealous ‘with that which is not God’ (Deut 32v12) & they made the Lord angry with things that were empty & meaningless to Him.  That’s the kind of stuff that was going on in the days of Christ & Paul!

Jesus said… He that honoureth not the Son honoureth not the Father which hath sent him. John 5v23  Jesus answered, Ye neither know me, nor my Father: if ye had known me, ye should have known my Father also. John 8v19  If God were your Father, ye would love me:  John 8v42  Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. John 8v44  He that is of God heareth God's words: ye therefore hear them not, because ye are not of God. John 8v47

These are the reasons why God was jealous & angry!  In light of that, the Lord made the Jews jealous!

If you want to see how little God had to go to make the Jews mad with jealousy, just read Luke 4v24-29 where all Jesus had to do was to state TWO Bible FACTS about God’s dealing with the Gentiles in the Old Testament, & the Jews of Nazareth became so angry that they tried to murder Him!

Paul’s situation was a little better.  The Jews in Jerusalem were willing to listen to Paul’s testimony up to the point where he said the words ‘Gentiles’, then they went ‘ballistic’ - Acts 22v21-23.  This is like what happens to Colic-Caldwell regarding Rom 10 & the GENTILES!  Hyper-Diapers just foam at the mouth because they just can’t understand dual application!  Par for the course these days!

20 But Esaias is very bold, and saith, I was found of them that sought me not; I was made manifest unto them that asked not after me

21 But to Israel he saith, All day long I have stretched forth my hands unto a disobedient and gainsaying people.

Spiritually speaking, you can make the ‘day’ of v21, the lifetime of a man.  God calls men early in life, the morning, to get saved.  In John 21, Jesus comes to the disciples, after they had been fishing all night & caught nothing, & He feeds them in the MORNING!  The Lord will seek a man to be saved during the ‘noon-time’ of his life, middle age.  He saved the Samaritan woman, in John 4, when she came at noon to fetch water.  And the Lord will save a man in the EVENING of his life like He did Nicodemus who came to Him by night, in John 3.

If a man wants to get saved, the Lord is right there to save him.  The problem is when a sinner is stubborn & self-willed, & clings to his own self-righteousness (Luke 18v9, Luke 16v15, 1 Sam 16v7, Phil 3v9, Isa 64v6, Rom 10v3, 2 Pet 2v10+12-18)  And that brings us back to what Paul said at the beginning of the chapter.  The Jews were clinging to their own self-righteousness & would not let go & receive God’s righteousness!  (2 Cor 5v21) 

God offers His salvation to ALL… if you go to Hell because you refuse it, it will be your own fault!  You either die IN your sins or you die with your sins forgiven by Jesus Christ… the choice is yours!

If you call upon the Lord to save you He will save you!  If you pray asking God to save you, He will save you… no matter what the idiots like Eli-Colic-Caldwell or Martin Richling-Ding-a-Ling tell you!  They are just part of a very small CULT trying to be somebody they are not (Gal 6v3) This bunch of Hyper-Diaper-Anti-Scriptural-Morons are just a complete waste of time, so don’t even enter into conversation with them, as they are so screwed up in their doctrines of devils, they just hack up the Bible as & when it suits them.  I’m done with Baby-Eli, he’s history, & his Baby-Blog is the epitome of just an arrogant punk kid wasting his life, trying to destroy the faith of weak & shallow Christians.  Even with personal tragedy in his life, he would rather talk about when the church started, than win souls for Jesus Christ.  I know a couple of Christians who were confused by his ‘spouting off’, so I have produced these studies for you, & created the Hyper-Diaper Tab on the TfT! website just in case you ever run into another Hyper-Diaper, which is unlikely as they are a very small CULT, much smaller than the Christadelphians!  You did well dumping Baby-Eli, & now you are back on track again winning souls for Jesus Christ!  I would also end by saying that Colic-Caldwell is doing well creating a tab just for me, as this will divert anyone who has stumbled into his Biblical ERRORS to find THE TRUTH on the Time for Truth! website!  Punk-Eli is a LIAR, a DECEIVER & a minister of SATAN, & even though he reads the KJV Bible he does NOT believe it or OBEY it!  He is wasting his life & achieving nothing!  Adios Colic-Caldwell… see you at the GWT unless you get saved in the meantime!  (Don’t forget, Tribulation salvation is NOT the same as salvation today fella…!!!)


Another PROOF that Eli-Colic-Caldwell is a member of a CULT! (Issue 79 page 27)

His words NOT mine… the Punk-kid says… ‘My biggest objection to the Baptists is that 95% of them seem to be preaching a false gospel and are therefore accursed’  He thinks 95% of Baptists are NOT saved as they preach a false Gospel!  Think about the millions of Baptists in the world today, & according to Colic-Caldwell they are NOT saved!  Of course he knows every one of them & he has been to every single church to back-up his moron accusation (NOT!)  That folks is a CULT mentality!  Like I say, when you start saying things like ‘I am right & everyone else is wrong’ you set yourself up as ‘prosecutor, judge & jury’ AGAINST everyone, that is when you have finally been initiated into a CULT!  This bum, thinks that his 12 Baby-Blog followers, himself, plus his Baby-CULT-‘grace’-unscriptural-‘church’ are the ONLY ones saved in the entire world… when he reads ‘narrow’ is the way, he really means ‘NARROW’ doesn’t he!  Out of 7,000,000,000 (seven billion) people on earth today, ONLY 25 are saved according to Colic-Caldwell, & they are ALL Hyper-Diapers!!!  Now that folks IS A CULT!  Jim Jones had nothing on Eli-Colic-CULT-Caldwell!  The kid’s a NUT, treat him with the disdain he thoroughly deserves!  He’ll need asbestos underpants for where he’s going!


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