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Ruckman Books

Dr Peter S Ruckman's Books (plus others!)

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Dr Ruckman was a friend of Time for Truth! for many years. Although I never met or spoke to Dr Ruckman, we wrote to each other on a few occasions. Personally, after reading and listening to much of his material, I would say that he was the best Bible teacher I know. There is a dearth of good Bible teachers in the UK and no Christian organisation wants to carry Dr Ruckman’s books! I think there are a number of reasons for this, the main one being that he was too controversial.

Here at Time for Truth! we want to get the best Bible study books into the hands of those Christians who want to go deep in their Bible studies; on the whole, you won’t go deeper than Ruckman! I am very happy and very privileged to be stocking his works and I hope that those of you who are ‘man-enough’ to read his material, will find Dr Ruckman’s studies as exciting and challenging as I have over the years.

This is another facet to the Time for Truth! ministry and we look forward to supplying Christians throughout the UK (mainly) with his material. We have already been warned by some Christians NOT to stock his books, and to those of you who are in this camp, we would like to say, “You work your side of the street and we'll work ours!

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