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Why the KJV ONLY!


This section is dedicated to proving that the King James Version (AV) Bible is the perfectly preserved word of God for today. Studies and articles will be uploaded on a regular basis so please make sure you come back and check out the updates!

There has never been, and there never will be, a 'proven' error in the KJV Authorized Version Bible!

Final Authority - Why the AV is PERFECT!

AV Bible Quiz  - for Bible Correctors and Rejectors!

The NJKV Counterfeit - Click to find out more about this PERversion!

Counterfeit Bible Checklist

Is the NKJV the same as the KJB?

Errors found in New Bible Versions - NKJV Errors and Omissions

The NIV PERversion - Click to find out more about this PERversion!

The Fruit of the ESV - Click to find out more about this PERversion!

The Great Bible Robbery

The Old Latin and Waldensian Bibles

What is the Bible? - AV1611 Overview

The KJB Heralded - O Biblios

Two Parallel Streams of Bibles - by Paul Duperron

Who started the attack on the Bible? - by Will Kinney

AV1611 vs Rome's Post -1611 Attack and abridged version - The Holy Bible versus The Unholy Church!

The 1611 Authorized King James Holy Bible IS Perfect – Tract

The Royal Law James 2v8 - Tract

Royal Law - James 2v8

New Age Bible Versions - Tract by Gail Riplinger

Big White Lies - by Gail Riplinger

Translation Principles from the William Carey Bible Society

The KJB Story 1611-2011 Abridged

The KJB Story 1611-2011 Abridged Appendix

The KJB Story 1611-2011 Graphics

The Watchman Report - Why the King James Only!

New Testament Scripture Comparison

The purification of the Lord's word - Psalms 12v6-7

Presentational Perfection of the words of the Lord

Seven purifications of the Textus Receptus

Seven Sevenfold Purifications of the words of the Lord

Do you keep running back to the Greek?

AV1611 Advanced Revelations

'O Biblios' - The Book  - By Alan O'Reilly

Which Translation Should you Trust? - By Timothy S. Morton

KJV1611 - The Myth of Earlier Revisions

King James Bible Supremacy

The 1611 Holy Bible versus the Non-Extant Original

The Deadly Dossier

New and Edited Drop Box and TFT Studies

AV1611 Collected works of Alan O'Reilly

Triple A - Authority, Archaisms, Anarchy

Review - Just One Bible

Answering the Unanswerable - By Timothy S. Morton

The NIV Apostate - Yes - excerpt from 'O Biblios' - The Book

The 1611 Holy Bible versus Corrupt Manuscript Ascension

 Printable Version
James White, D.A.Waite, Dr DiVietro etc.

Selected Studies with Version Comparison

Emails from Bible-'correctors'

The Answer Book - By Sam Gipp

What's the Big Deal About the AV? - By Sam Gipp

Will Kinney's articles on the AV issue